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If you have a home library, keeping it neat and organized is essential. Apart from storing books, it can add value to your house if well organized. Here are some tips on how to organize your home library:

Clean bookshelf

No need to organize the books on a dusty shelf. In order to clean the shelves, you will need to first remove all the books. If you are using a wood polish to protect the shelves, make sure you all time for it to dry completely before placing the books back on the shelf.

Sort Books

This is an essential step to getting your library organized. Sort the books by genre, color, alphabetical order or any other criteria that best suits your needs. As you do so, consider ditching books that you no longer read or want. More importantly, the books should be arranged upright in order to support spines if possible.

Get Rid of Dust

Dust will surely accumulate on books, as it does everywhere else in your home. You need to dust the books at least once a week. Never use wet cleaners as they can destroy the pages.

These simple tips will have your home library organized in no time. And if you are looking to hire assistance for your  housekeeping needs, The Maids of North York, in Ontario, would be happy to help!