In our last article, we discussed ways to control and prevent allergens in the home. If you didn’t manage to take the preventative steps from keeping allergens away you may not have to worry – in this article we discuss ways to eliminate allergens that are already in your home.

Our homes are starved of fresh air during the colder months of winter. We spend most of our time indoors, paving the way for an accumulation of dead skin cells, dust, and dirt. Spring cleaning is important because it gives us an opportunity to clean our homes and air out all the allergens thoroughly.

Particles of dust, pet dander, cockroaches, mould, dust mite droppings, and food are common sources of allergens that can trigger asthma, eczema and other allergic reactions. Cleaning your house will get rid of these dangerous elements and avoid any health issues.

Cleaning with the aim of getting rid of allergens inside your home is a rare task because they aren’t visible at all times. However, they manifest in all corners of the house, deteriorating the quality of air and health of those living inside. We have compiled a list of spaces you must absolutely clean in order to get rid of all the persisting allergens.


The minuscule fibres of rugs and carpets are the meeting place for dust and mites. Frequently vacuuming may get rid of the dust in the upper layers of the fibres, however, a professional steam cleaning is required within twelve months if you wish to completely get rid of allergens trapped deep inside the fabric.

Windows and Air

Clean your curtains and windows with precision to prevent dust from building up in your home. Kitchen windows often become vulnerable to accumulation of food particles, while the rest of the windows in the house collect dust. To get rid of such harmful particles, wash your curtains with hot water and rigorously wipe off any dust on your blinds with a damp, clean cloth.

Airing out your home later in the spring puts it at a risk of a pollen invasion, so try to finish your spring clean and house ventilation earlier in the season. Additionally, installing an air cleaner inside your home gets rid of allergens, such as plant spores, smoke, dust mites, dander, and smoke.

Humidity and Clutter

High humidity fosters the growth of mildew and mould, prompting allergies, respiratory issues, and asthma. Dehumidifiers can be used to reduce humidity inside homes and a humidity monitor can be used to ensure that humidity levels are at a stable level at all times.

Lastly, your piles of unused newspapers and dirty laundry can turn into warm spaces for insects. These creatures leave their feces, saliva and even body parts that can result in grave health issues. Take time to get rid of all the clutter in your home.

The Maids

Cleaning your home properly to ensure that all areas are healthy is a time consuming and physically draining task. The Maids offer professional house cleaning services to help you breathe better and to make your home smell great! We use our expert methods and robust equipment to thoroughly clean your homes and prepare them for all your summer family activities, at affordable prices.