house cleaning services

Many of us are secret hoarders. We don’t mean to be…somewhere, deep down, we REALLY think we are going to use this stuff again one day. In the meantime, closet spaces can often become a nightmare. If you have stuff falling on your head when you open your closet doors, it is time to get things under control.

Why Donate?

If you haven’t used or worn something in a year, a good rule of thumb is to pass it on. Someone else can use your items. It is the ultimate form of recycling. Yes, you could take photos and try to sell the items online. Yes, you could wash, iron and label everything to finally take it down to that consignment store. Or, you could simply do a good deed and give it away for free. Clearing your space is a vital component to clearing your mind.

Positive Feng Shui

The ancient practice of Feng Shui denotes having certain things placed in a specific way. It is said that clutter symbolizes the state of a person’s mind. Some believe that living in a jumbled mess contributes to anxiety and disorganization. Adopting a clutter free environment throughout your home, in your closets, your junk drawers, and your vehicle can leave you feeling empowered and invigorated! The Maid of North York are experts that can help you with cleaning and getting rid of clutter in your space.

Seasonal Storage

Investing in some great Rubbermaid style bins with lids that can stack on each other is money well spent. Be sure to label things accordingly. For example:

Christmas lights
Christmas decorations
Ice skates/roller blades
Halloween decorations
Craft supplies
Donation clothes and shoes

If you have an ongoing donation bin, it is easy to drop items off or have them ready when collection services come through the neighborhood. Many associations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and the Diabetes Foundation will call you every time they are coming through your area, typically every month to 6 weeks. Don’t forget to look through your kitchen cupboards and your book collection to see if you can lighten your load even further.