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When one season transits into another, you will certainly want to put away some clothes. This usually happens when winter is over and spring is in. At times, it might prove tricky to store seasonal clothes for a long time. However, they must be properly stored so they can be used the next season. Here is a breakdown of several tips to help you store seasonal clothes safely and in a conducive environment:

Keep Clean

Before you even think of storage, all clothes must be cleaned. Note that the storage will be long term and if stains are left on the clothes, they might set in for good. Cleaning is hygienic and should be your first priority. You should also iron the clothes if possible, in order to make the task of packaging easier.

Use New Plastic Containers

In most cases, the use of plastic containers for storing seasonal clothes is not recommended. However, if you must use such containers, make sure you get new ones. Old plastic containers might have created surfaces for larvae and insects hence threatening the safety of your clothes. On the other hand, new plastic bags are basically clean usually do not attract insects and other organisms.

Label All Storage Containers

The use of labels in marking storage containers is always a great idea. Note that clothes have to be categorized with regard to their types. For instance, jackets and sweaters should be stored apart from shoes and legwarmers. To ensure an easy task when retrieving your clothes, it is advised that you label all containers by contents.

Decide On Whether or Not to Vacuum the Containers

It might interest you to know that the environment in which you store your clothes matters a lot. Clothes made of delicate fiber and silk require adequate air circulation. This is to ensure that both the structure of fiber and silk remain intact during the span of storage. In such a case, you might not require vacuuming your storage containers. On the other hand, some clothes, like those made of cotton, are not affected by inadequate air circulation hence should not necessarily be stored in a vacuum.

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