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Hardwoods floors are great because they are so easy to clean. Some examples of regular maintenance is sweeping with a soft bristle broom or dusting with a dry microfiber mop. Doing the occasional cleaning with a wood floor cleaning product is also recommended as well.

If you want to keep your hardwood floors looking and performing well for as long as possible, you should follow the maintenance guidelines of:

  • Sweeping or dusting daily
  • Vacuuming weekly
  • Cleaning with a hardwood floor cleaner monthly

Here are some other steps you can implement to help maintain the beauty of wooden floors.

  1. Do not use any vinyl or tile cleaning products on wooden floors. Self-polishing acrylic waxes can cause the wood to become slippery and dullen the finish quickly.
  2. Take advantage of throw rugs and use them at doorway to help prevent any debris from outside getting trekked in and scratching the floor.
  3. Do not wet-mop or steam mop a wooden floor because the water and steam can dull the finish and maybe even damage the wood.
  4. Wipe up any spills immediately.
  5. Be careful with waxing a wood floor. Over-waxing can cause it to become dull, so try buffing it instead.
  6. Put stick on felt protectors under the legs of furniture to prevent any scuffing and scratching on the floor.
  7. Avoid walking on your wooden floors with sport cleats and high heels which can cause dents in the floor.
  8. If you are using wood flooring in your kitchen, it is wise to place an area rug at the kitchen sink to catch any drops of water that could cause damage to the floor in the long term.
  9. Use a humidifier in the winter months to minimize the gaps.
  10. If you have any pets, keep their nails trimmed and their paws clean – they can track in substances that can cause scratching and stains.

Essential Care Tips

  • When you vacuum or sweep your floor, use a soft-bristled attachment or broom, especially in high traffic areas. This will prevent the buildup of dirt and particles that can scratch the wooden surface.
  • Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar or power rotary brush head.
  • Don’t use any oil soaps, liquid or paste wax, as well as any household products that contain lemon, citrus or silicon to clean the wooden floor.
  • Stay away from any harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads, any scouring pads that contain metal or scouring powders. These are very likely to create scratches.
  • Do not use any 2-in-1 cleaners that contain acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss. This can result in dulling the surface of your wood floors.

Follow these guidelines and tips on maintaining your wooden floor, and you’ll be sure to have smooth, gleaming hardwood that will be long lasting and durable.