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Holidays make us happy, but sometimes they also create a lot of stress. A holiday may give us a break from work where we keep on quarreling with our fellow employees and bosses but it also exposes us to another type of stress at our homes. We have to prepare and socialize with our families as much as we can since this is the only free time to be with them. I can say a holiday is a double edged sword.

Many of us go through the holidays and come out of it stressed like never before. There is always help for a clean home at The Maids of North York, for those times when you need it. Today I think it’s very appropriate to share with you five ways to distress during holidays.

Cook Your Favorite Food

One of the things many of us miss during the busy days is the time to prepare food we love. This is because of the busy schedule that often ties us to other things. This is one of the best ways to relieve the stress you have been going through all the other days.


If you are talented in painting, then this is the best time to show it off. If you are not talented, try to paint some of your house with all the colorful colors you can think of. This will make you laugh at yourself which helps in getting rid of all the stress.


After you are done with what your plans for the day, it’s good to get enough sleep since sleep is the number one stress reliever.

Mop While Singing Your Favorite Song

Yes, singing makes mopping the house fun and easy. Just clean up your house while singing your favorite song to cheer you up and take away the stresses you have gone through.


Keep your outdoor environment neat by pruning the flower garden. This is a good way to enjoy the air outdoors filled with the sweet aroma of flowers. It will calm the nerves and take your stress away.