Allergy season is fast approaching, and suffering from hay fever can be debilitating. We bring an incredible amount of allergens into our homes with us every day. Leaving windows and doors open allow pollen to come in with the breeze that is supposed to comfort us. Pets bring allergens in from their fur. We bring in allergens on our clothes and hair. Your home can end up full of allergens, and contrary to popular belief, most air conditioning systems do not filter allergens out of the air as much as they promise. There is a lot you can do to keep allergens out by cleaning though. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to keep hay fever at bay inside your home.


When allergens enter your home, they will settle with other dust particles on the floor. While these can reenter the air with every step across the carpet, carpets do trap allergens in them. To remove allergens quickly and efficiently, make sure that you are vacuuming at least once a week, as well as occasional carpet cleaning. When you finish, if you can, it is a great idea to dump the contents of your vacuum into a garbage bag outside or change the bag in your vacuum outside. This will keep allergens from reentering the air inside your home.


Like vacuuming, dusting is a surefire way to trap allergens and get them out of your home. You may not want to go with a traditional duster, as it can cause allergens to become airborne rather than trapping them. Disposable static electricity dust cloths and wet paper towel will trap dust and allergens more effectively and allow you to dispose of them without releasing them back into your house. Dusting should be one of the key areas to cover throughout recurring cleaning.

Air Purification

When you are faced with allergens in your home, and your cleaning regime isn’t working, it may be time to also clean your air. Air purification machines filter air in your home and remove allergens in a way that an air conditioning system cannot. You can purchase one online or at many home improvement stores, and after some quick set up it should be cleaning your air in no time!

Brushing Pets

One big culprit for bringing allergens into your home is your pet. If they go outdoors, they are bringing pollen back inside on their fur. Make sure you brush them when they get back in, and always do a quick vacuum of any fur you find hanging around your house. It will help keep your allergies at bay.

Changing Your Clothes

Just like how your pets can bring allergens in on their fur, you can bring them in on your clothes. Change your clothes when you get home and put them into the hamper immediately.

If you need help keeping things clean to help keep your allergy symptoms down, then contact The Maids. Our team of experienced cleaning staff will get into every nook and cranny to get your house spic and span and clear of allergens. You do not have to suffer this allergy season. Enjoy your home and have it be the sanctuary you need from all the allergens outdoors. Contact The Maids today!