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Trustworthy Maid Services that Do More than Just Clean

maid services in North York, ON - call The Maids Today.

Our company, The Maids of North York, provides exceptional house cleaning and sanitizing services to the North York, Aurora, and Markham areas of Canada. You get a company dedicated to providing the best cleaning possible, including tasks that other companies won’t do. We strive to give you superior results in an efficient way, while making it affordable for you. Your home will be cleaner than ever, including hard-to-reach areas and unseen places.

The Maids of North York provides:

  • Guaranteed results - you get results that ensure you are 100% satisfied. The team supervisor double checks all work to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten about.
  • Efficient, affordable services - our use of a 4-person maid team strategy ensures more tasks get completed that are above and beyond what other companies provide you. Receive faster, yet efficient services without missing any details and get affordable rates too!
  • Trustworthy teams - you will trust our team to deliver because all employees are prescreened before hire, have gone through rigorous training, and are licensed, bonded, and insured. Each member wears uniforms, which gives you peace of mind and security.
  • Detailed cleaning - we strive to provide the best cleaning possible, which includes cleaning deep into the floor, furniture, and many other places. You also get many added benefits like washing dishes, placing fresh linens on all beds, cleaning your wall pictures and décor, and many others not mentioned.
  • Coverage in all rooms - experience cleaning to the highest detail within every room, including areas that other companies won’t cover like cracks, gaps, crevices, inside furniture, hidden spots, and more.

Maid Services When You Need Them

When you choose The Maids of North York, you get cleaning services when you need them, unlike other companies that tell you when they clean. Choose from options like routine cleaning schedules or single visits that get the job done. It’s entirely up to you!

We are available anytime for:

  • Emergency cleanups
  • On-call cleaning for any number of rooms
  • Routine house cleaning schedules like daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc.

What You Gain With Our Housekeeping Services Verse Other Companies

Most cleaning companies have a system of operations that determines what they will or won’t do for your home. Typically, that includes only cleaning certain areas, certain materials, certain items, and/or having certain conditions to their service. They may have variable pricing that is based on tasks or something else like limiting their results based on time.

The Maids of North York knows that you want more so we offer a lot more to you!

Affordable Services

Enjoy affordable rates with NO special or hidden terms and conditions. We want to make this as easy for you as possibleand not try to trick you in any way like other companies. We want you to trust us and use us in the future, plus we believe in achieving the best results for your home anyway.

Guaranteed Job Completion

You experiencegreat results that don’t get based on time limits. We stay until the job is 100% done and you are 100% satisfied!

Efficient Results

Your house cleaning team consists of 4 members with one supervisor, one assistant supervisor, and two other members. With this innovative team strategy and our unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, you get fast but efficient results to save you time and money!

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